/Release of performance "OPEN WOMB".
Available on Youtube and Vimeo.
/Release of first WTNS single, "MISSMIST".
Available on all platforms.
/Featuring on Sinusoidal's EP Moral Decay.
Available on Pinkman Records.
/Live improvisation at SVS Records, Munich.

On invitation by 20 Seconds magazine and SVS Records.
/Live improvisation at Standards Studio, Milan.
On invitation by 20 Seconds magazine, with guest vocals by Abdullah Miniawy.
/Teary-eyed, i saw sharper/ larmes armées.
Visit the website explaining my multimedia live performance, linking theatre with dance and live music.

Discover the explanation of the performance: https://larmesarmees.myportfolio.com/
/Podcast on Ma3azef.
On invitation by Mostly Joking in May 2022.
/Originally performed in Dim for the spring equinox, a hybrid DJ set combining theremin, flute, guitar and poetry was published on Lyl Radio on producer Design Default's show.
​​​​​​​/Coverage in media of a end-of-residency multidisciplinary show in Drustveni Centar Krov, in February 2022. Audio available on all streaming services.
/Envélope Cruz's third album III. Available on Bandcamp, digitally and limited edition cassettes.
/The Edges of silence: series of improvisations in Belgrade with a dancer, a video artist and varying teams of musicians. Playing in Kvaka22, Dim and Bioskop Balkan.
/Curated in August 2021 a podcast for Blatant, a music and art community from St Petersburg, Russia.
/20 SECONDS Mag published my poetry work "Grey Skies over the City I Used to love" in their third edition of June 2021, accompanied by pictures by Jordi Cervera.
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